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The Road To Emmaus E-mail
Monday, 25 June 2012 00:00

Road to Emmaus

Luke 24:13-36

Frederick Buechner interprets Emmaus as, “The place we go in order to escape; it is whatever we do or wherever we go to make ourselves forget that this world holds nothing sacred.”  Think about someone who radically changed your life by being in it, someone who made life for you a dance.  Now think of that person who brought joy and vitality to your life as being dead.  This is the situation we find the two followers of Christ on the road to Emmaus, overcome with sadness and disappointment at the death of the Christ.  The wonderful hope we have as kingdom children is that our risen Savior meets us on the road to “our” Emmaus.  He walks with us in the ordinary places and situations of our daily lives, and in the places we escape when life is too much for us.

The Road to Emmaus

This is the road we walk,

When hope has died,

When dreams have been,

Disappointed, when something or

Someone dear to us has been torn away from us.

Something has happened back in

The “Jerusalem” of our lives

That we do not understand,

That hurts, and that we cannot face anymore.

But it is on this road

We meet the one who walks with us,

Who makes it possible for us to understand and be healed,

We meet the one who make it

Possible for us to go back to Jerusalem,

To face our lives, to rise up and live again.

~Carol S. Winn~


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